Sunday, October 11, 2009

happy 6th birthday Bryce!

Bryce turned 6 this past 19th of September. It has been crazy so I really haven't had the time to post this great milestone. Bryce has been learning so much at school. He likes science. He is a very smart boy.
This year for his birthday he wanted to celebrate it Bakugan style. He invited some school and church friends and had a blast at his birthday party.
He received a bunch of Bakugan toys for his birthday to add to his collection.
Here are some facts and some accomplishments he was able to complete this past year.
  • He learned 5 articles of faith.
  • He entered 1st grade
  • He learned how to tie his shoe laces
  • He is adding and subtracting
  • He still continues to be a loving boy and also a very funny boy

Happy 6th birthday Bryce!