Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving wishes from Asha

sweet wishes from a sweet girl :)
The First Thanksgiving
By: Asha Orton

Our national holiday commemorates the feast held in the autumn of 1621 by the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag to celebrate the colony's first successful harvest.
Happy Thanksgiving

School Thanksgiving Feast

Bryce and his Classroom celebrated Thanksgiving today.
In the Morning they got to write on their journals expressing what they were thankful for.
They made pilgrim hats and made special turkeys stuffed with beans and a recipe to make
"Gobble good bean soup"
They had a delicious Thanksgiving feast! It included, Turkey, rolls, corn,Tamales, sliced apples, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and hot chocolate. I volunteered to carve the Turkey so I had a greasy but fun experience! The Kids had a wonderful time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm Thankful for my Mom :)

Yummy Thanksgiving food!
Gobble Good Bean Soup!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

American Indian Day

Today, Bryce celebrated American Indian Day at school.
Both him and I learned a lot about Indians today. The children had so many cute and interesting activities. They made indian costumes.They planted corn and used fish in the soil as plant food. They went fishing with spears in a made up stream with paper fish. They also got to do a rain dance wih noise makers. Each Child even got to take an Indian Baby home with them.
It was are really fun day!

Rain Dance

Indian face painting
Bryce and his indian baby
He named his baby "Squato"

He caught a fish!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Primary Program 2008

Last Sunday We had the honor of hearing our children speak to us in the yearly Primary program. These are always the best sacrament meetings of all! The children bring a special spirit to these meetings and every one is always anxious to hear what they have to share.
This Year's Primary theme was : I AM A CHILD OF GOD "All of you are children of the most High" Psalm 82:6
All of the children did very well. We thank our Father in Heaven for his great love and for the innocence and purity of Children. What a great example they are to us.
Here is a picture of Asha and Bryce that Sunday.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday Pictures

The holidays are here guys!
I'm having a Holiday picture special
If you are interested don't hesitate to contact me

Ilcy Orton

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alison and Bryce's wedding

Legacy Photography had the honor to photoshoot this beautiful wedding.
Ilcy Orton
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Friday, November 7, 2008

Mystery Solved

On Tuesday, I found myself working on editing some photographs for a customer on my computer and Bryan wasn't home since he was helping at the voting polls all day. When 7:30 came around, I sent the kids to brush their teeth, wash up, and put on their PJ's to go to bed. Once they were finished, Bryce came out of the bathroom and asked if we liked his hair which was all wet, combed, and slick. He looked great! I was so proud of him for getting ready for bed on his own. He said his prayer and went to sleep all on his own. When Bryan got home, he went straight to the bathroom. when he came out, he asked if I had cut my hair. I said no but he didn't believe me because he found hair all over the bathroom and was wondering why I hadn't bothered to clean it up. I went to check and sure enough there was hair everywhere! Bryan went to check Bryce's and Asha's head and couldn't figure out what had happened. I went to double check the kids heads and when I turned on the light to check Bryce's head, I found a huge bald spot. I then discovered 3 more spots. I couldn't but laugh my heart out. The next morning I asked Bryce who had cut his hair. He told me: I did mom. Do you like it? He was so proud of it. Bryan was upset and wanted to shave his head. I just told Bryce that next time he wants to cut his hair we need to take him to a professional barber. He agreed :)

Mystery solved and yet another Bryce moment to remember! :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our next president

We feel sad and disappointed about the election of our new president.We hope we are wrong about him because so far we haven't seen much good in him at all. All that there is left to do is to pray and to hope that Barack Obama will do justice for this nation. As members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints we have to stand strong and press forward in righteousness in these difficult times. We need to live our lives to the best of our ability, keep our testimonies strong and teach our children in the ways of the lord.
God bless Our new President and God bless America in the days to come. Let's be hopeful :)

California we did it!!!

Our efforts paid off!
Thank you all of Prop 8 supporters for your hard work. The polls indicate Prop 8 passed in California by 52%.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I had the great privilege and opportunity to see my dear childhood friend Cepillin.
Most of you will probably not know about Cepillin but let me tell you a little bit about him.
Cepillin is a world wide known famous clown that made me laugh, and sing, and dance, and play when I was a kid living in Guatemala. That is why he is my all time childhood friend. I never saw him in person. I would only watch him on TV and listen to his great songs on the radio or at birthday parties. Even when I turned 26, my tias Vicky, Miriam, and Norita put on his music at my little surprise birthday party. He filled my life with dreams and lots of fun. Well, one day, believe it or not, some years back when Bryan and I still worked at Macy's, Bryan helped this customer. He found out that he was a clown and very famous too. Bryan told me about him a few minutes later. He said: "I just met this famous clown with a funny name. I was helping him pick out some pillows in the bedding section". Yes, It was Cepillin!
Once he told me, Bryan and I rushed down the mall isles and we found him. I told him that it was a great pleasure to meet him in person and he gave me a signed poster. It was like a dream for me but I didn't get the same feeling as in my childhood since he didn't have his clown attire nor that cute funny voice he made. Years passed by, and about 2 weeks ago we found out that he was performing in Bakersfield. I couldn't miss it for the world! I took the kids with me to "El Circo de Cepillin". It was so fun and emotional to sing and dance with him again and to see my children, dance and sing, to the same songs I did when I was a kid.
We bought one of his Cd's at the circus and the kids love him. Thank you Cepillin for bringing so much joy to so many children all around the world.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hands on Prop 8 on a rainy day :)

Today we headed out early morning to go help in the yes on 8 campaign. We were sent out to go distribute signs and door knob reminders. I became the driver, Bryan the deliverer, and the kids were helping holding the signs and having them ready for daddy when he needed more.
It started raining pretty hard so we had to stop at the 99 cent store to buy some rain ponchos.
I came home with the kids after a while But Bryan is still out there walking the streets and doing the job.
Go Bryan!!!!!! keep it up. We love ya.

House after house, we will get it done!

Happy Halloween

Yesterday we had a pretty cool time during our Halloween activities.
During the day, each of the kids had Halloween classroom parties. They ate too many sweets.
After school, we visited our tios Vicky, Neri, Y Norita. They shared some walnuts from their tree with us. The kids had a blast picking nuts and eating them too.
After that, We visited Grandma Orton. She had prepared some cute little treat baskets for the kids. After Work, Bryan came home and we headed out for trick or treating in our neighborhood. We went to a few streets for about an hour and returned home to pass out candy to the kids that stopped by our house. Asha and Bryce liked passing out Candy more than they enjoyed receiving it.
Bryce kept yelling to all of the kids: There's Candy Here, come come boys and girls there's candy here.... It was so cute. Asha passed out the candy and gave each kid a complement about their costume or their cute basket. She was so thoughtful and polite like always.
After we finished passing out the candy, We ordered pizza hut and the four of us sat down in our living room to watch the movie Journey to the center of the earth 3D. Asha and Bryce were so exhausted and only lasted about 30 minutes into the movie. We headed to bed around 10:30 pm.
It was a terrific Halloween for the Ortons!

Halloween School Parade
Mr. Bee
Fancy ladybug
Group picture
2 bugs and an exterminator!
Asha Passing out candy
Bryce, the candy announcer!
watching Journey to the Center of the earth30 minutes later Zzz....