Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today I had the sweet opportunity to babysit my sweet new nephew David and take his first Pictures! He was born May 15th 2008.
He is now 2 months old and growing more and more everyday.
He is so cute and I had lots of fun taking his pictures. Here are some of my favorites!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Elizabeth Jackson Art

We have this amazing and Super talented friend. Her name is Elizabeth Jackson.
She paints portraits with colored pencils. She draws a portrait for you using a photograph as a reference. She does an amazing job!
You are all welcomed to visit her website and see samples of her amazing work.
Here are some portraits she did for us recently.
If you are interested in her work don't hesitate to contact her. She is really nice too.
And if you need a great picture for her to draw think about Legacy Photography! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What we are up to lately

This week Bryan is out of town camping with the Young men. He will be back on Thursday. He really deserved to take a break from his busy work agenda. Mean while, the kids and I are at home making all of the preparations for Asha's upcoming 7th birthday party. The theme Asha chose this year is Hello Kitty. We are having fun with that and Asha is super excited to have her party hosted at Pump it up!
I'm also trying to study for the TIA test that I will be taking soon for the Nursing program. I'm a litttle scared on the Math part of it. I haven't taken any math since Highschool and believe or not, I don't remmember hardly any of it although I took Calculus my senior Year. Like they say, "you either use it or loose it" I really have to brush up on the advanced algebra concepts. Fun! Beside that, we are pretty much trying to keep cool from the heat and enjoying the last days of our summer break.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The movie was awesome!

We really enjoyed "The Dark Knight" . It had amazing stunts and special effects. The actors were also very amazing. Heath Ledger did an extraordinary job playing the Joker. We watched the 4:40 PM show at Edwards and then went to Cold Stone Creamery to get a "Cheesecake special" Ice cream. It was a fun night and a great movie to watch.

We give the movie a A+

Batman: The Dark Knight

We're so excited!
Can't wait to see the movie today on opening day!!!!
Like a lot of people, we've been eagerly waiting to see it.
we'll see how it goes.
It should be pretty awesome.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Vacation to Disneyland and L.A. Zoo

This summer we decided to go to Disneyland and the L.A. Zoo for our summer vacation.
Our trip to the happiest place on earth was really nice
despite the heat. We left the night before and stayed at the Marriott hotel. We went swimming at the hotel's pool that night, watched Cars the movie, and had tamales for dinner. It was fun!
We spent a whole day at Disneyland and California Adventure the next day.
After a whole day of magical adventures, we returned to the Marriott and took a well deserved rest. The next morning our journey continued, we slept in until 9 and had a delicious breakfast at the hotel which included, waffles, yogurt, bagels and cream cheese, and orange juice. Yummy!
We got ready for the adventure ahead at the L.A. Zoo.
It was a really warm day at the zoo but it was fun!
we headed back home at around 5 pm.
Our little vacation concluded yesterday as we decided to go to the movies to watch "Journey to the Center of The Earth" 3D. We really recommend this movie. it was so awesome to watch all of the special effects on 3D.
We had a great time!
Sleeping Beauty castle
very excited Asha On the way to Disneyland

Bryce listening to Disney songs

The Pinocchio song put Bryce to sleep!

At the Marriott hotel in the morning before visiting Disney

Sleepy heads!

Entering the Happiest place on earth

Classic Disneyland picture!

Asha and Pluto!

Bryce had to take a picture at the Indiana Jones ride entrance

Got Soaked at Splash Mountain

Winnie The Pooh

keeping cool with Frozen lemonade!

At the Dumbo ride

Asha's favorite ride!

Tinker bell at the Disney parade

princess Ariel

Princess Cinderella

Princess Snow White

Princess Aurora
Princess Asha

Bryce got sleepy

Asha and Minnie

"A" is for Asha

entering Toy story 4D @ California Adventure

Electrical Parade

On Daddy's shoulders

Bryce being Goofy!!!

Happy Shopping!

caves at the L.A. Zoo!

Our favorite stop at The Zoo "The Chimps"!

Cooling fan at the Zoo

Going Home after a fun trip!