Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Catching up with the Blog!

I don't think I'll be able to catch up with everything that has passed since out last entry.
Here are a few things that have happened and that are happening in our lives:

1. I Finished Nursing school on May,12, 2011. I am so happy! I am preparing to take the State Boards this Saturday. Nerve racking!!! Im also looking for employment.
2. Asha Just Finished 4th grade at Shirley Lane and Bryce fished 2nd grade at Virginia Ave. They both were awarded Perfect attendance this year :)
3. This year I turned 31 in February. Im getting old!
4. My family is coming to visit from Texas this summer and we are looking forward to it.
5.Bryce lost his first 2 and front bottom teeth just a few months ago. He got $3 from the tooth fairy
6.Our home got burglarized in the most horrible way back in January right before starting my last semester of Nursing school. We lost many things and It was devastating to us but we are safe and material things can always get replaced. Im still sad about my video camera and laptop that had tons of documents, videos, and pictures that I lost and wont be able to ever recover. It's ok Life goes on.
7.Bryce learned how to read really well this past year in school.
8. Bryan keeps working hard at his job. Seriously he is the worst workaholic I've ever met! to the point that it has affected his health. Take it easy Bryan! I love you.
9.Tio Neri had the great Blessing of getting Married at the LA temple and now they are expecting a baby. What a great blessing.

10. My good old dear friends Joanna, Barbie, and their kids came to visit this last month. It was so nice seeing them and spending time with them.

11. I continue to teach the sunbeems at church and I love it :)
12. Bryce gets baptized this year! He is looking forward to this great day. We got to attend a baptism not to long ago and Bryce was really excited to be able to get baptized by his dad this coming September.
13. Asha continues to enjoy singing and reading and being so sweet.
14. I have major house cleaning to accomplish this summer. It got a little neglected due to school :)
15. Above all, we continue to enjoy of the blessings of the gospel. God is wonderful and we couldn't ask for more.